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Being in 40s can make you have a love and hate relationship with aging. I am all for the wisdom and experience but I really didn’t like the exhaustion that overshadowed my motivation for working out. I would try so hard to do more bench presses, push ups and complete my routine but within 30 minutes only, I would feel sleepy and fatigued. This wasn’t the case before. Earlier, I used to work out for an hour and sometimes longer.

On my Gym coach and physician’s consultation, I have been using Muscle Rev Xtreme and I have noticed great results within my body. I am writing about my experience with this supplement here so keep on reading the review to get all details about the formula and how my experience went with it.

What does it do?

It is a formula that assists in muscle development in the body. It enables better blood circulating and enhances not just athletic fitness but also exhaustion management and lowering capacity. It enables

  • Muscular development

  • Improvement in fat reduction

  • Advancement in Energy Levels

  • Amplified sexual interest and performance

Muscle Rev Xtreme Ingredients

  • Vitamin C (ascorbic Acid)

  • Calcium

  • Folic Acid

  • L-Citrulline

  • Lovage Powder

  • Coenzyme Q10

  • Taurine

  • L-Norvalline

Does Muscle Rev Xtreme Work?

Vitamin C, Calcium, Folic Acid etc enhance damage repair ability by supplying antioxidant nourishment to the muscle cells.

These ingredients deeply nourish the body cells, enable better coping mechanism for the free radical damage and also enhance the Nitric oxide production within the body. With high Nitric Oxide, the body develops better blood circulation which enables more delivery of Blood and nutrients to the muscle cells. This strengthens body’s capacity to deal with fatigue and muscle cells don’t feel tired and exhausted after a workout. This also gives the body a thermogenic boost that lasts longer and the ingredients develop protein synthesis as well.

When to Expect Results?

Keep using Muscle Rev Xtreme for at least 30 days to see some remarkable improvement. Also, keep one fact in mind that every body is different and so, results and the time frame cannot be same. You just need to bear some patience if results are slow and try and boost them up while following a healthy rotuine.

How Effective is it?

Former UFC Superstar Dan Henderson also uses the product. Actually, I am an MMA fan and that’s how I got know about Henderson’s association with the supplement. I have read about other user’s experiences as well and all of them came out positive. Given the ingredients, it really is a great blend.

Comparison with others

This is an NO product and is comparatively far more effective than the protein and testosterone ones that I have used before. In terms of results, efficacy and turnaround time, I prefer this one to others and also because it is safe and tested. In fact all the user testimonials that I read claim that this is the best supplement ever.

Muscle Rev Xtreme Side Effects?

No there are no adverse consequences to using the supplement. But if you have a medical condition, professional consultation is always suggested. Also keep in mind to stick to the recommended dosage.


Before you begin your workout, just two pills and have some water and then you are good to work out as hard as you like.

Things you should know about it

It is not meant to cure a sexual or physical stamina related issue and only enables development of sexual interest, better performance in gym and Bed. Overdose should be avoided at all times and dosage shouldn’t be skipped either. It is integral that the user workout well after taking the dosage. Additionally, balanced dietary input will yield better results.

Does it really work?

Speaking from experience, Muscle Rev Xtreme is quite effective and speedy. I never imagined that I would ever get such great toning and muscular results during my 40s. Initially, I was quite astonished by the way it worked as I had much more stamina after taking it and it wasn’t momentary as the endurance lasted and I have significantly grown in terms of my sexual and gym performance. But really, it is the right combination of ingredients that bring such great results.


  • Manufactured in an FDA inspected facility

  • Free of Calories

  • No fat, gives recovery support for muscle

  • Free of empty calories and all natural, tested ingredients

  • Clinically proven for positive muscular and NO results

  • Dual functioning formula for physical and sexual stamina


It can’t be purchased at any retail shop and only online orders are accepted.

Where to Buy?

Paid as well as sample bottles are available via E-order which you can make on Muscle Rev Xtreme official website.

Personal Experience

When my working time reduced, I began to notice fat around my thighs and belly because I wasn’t working out well to burn it. I wasn’t feeling much enthusiastic either and in bed, I don’t know what came over me, I began to look for excuses to not have sex. However, things have been quite the opposite with this supplement. It is like I have my life back as now; I feel good, confident, and energetic and have better sex. I am better ripped as well.

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  1. I was a very unhealthy and unattractive boy, but Muscle Rev Xtreme turned me into a man. It boosted energy and stamina in my body and helped me perform better. I’m glad that I used it, and feel proud to recommend it to others. Go for it boys, you’ll never find anything as effective and natural as this. 😉

  2. Sharon Zidane says:

    Muscle Rev Xtreme has given me a lean healthy body. It has helped to gained my lost energy not only this my sexual ability has also improved. All thanks to Muscle Rev Xtreme.

  3. Mathew Long says:

    This review is the best one among all. I have read many of the review in order to search a true muscle building product. But all of them were fake. The precise detailed information it represents in a proper sequence to the readers is quite amazing. I purchased Muscle Rev Xtreme through this website only because of this review, or I used to buy it through my trainer. Great! 😉 🙂 😀

  4. Barry Richards says:

    I am a total fitness freak. I lost all the weight I needed to, but muscle-growth was hard for me. So I went to a gym. My trainer recommended Muscle RevX. with this supplement, I was able to develop an excellent physique.

  5. Muscle Rev X has helped me get a body that no other supplement could. Yes, by far this is the only one thing that I like with my heart. It might sound vague or untrue but if I could send you my before/after pictures, you would have believed my words. So, take my advice fellows, if you want a body like a tough man, this must be your choice. Kudos to the makers 🙂

  6. It’s been 2 months since I’m using Muscle Rev Xtreme and it was an amazing experience. Before using the solution, my body was quite weak and not so appealing. I used this supplement on my friend’s recommendation and really I don’t regret my decision. If you are looking forward to get lean and chiseled, this is the product you should opt for. Grab it now! 🙂

  7. I hate to admit, but There was a time when age was taking toll on my overall life. I was making excuses to not go to the gym and even on the bed I was showing disinterest to my wife. Muscle Rev Xtreme came in my when my condition was getting worst day by day. Actually my wife had a talk with our family doctor, who advised her to give Muscle Rev Xtreme to me. Trust me, it worked amazingly. Though i didn’t see any change for two weeks, but from 3rd week onward i was feeling energetic and performing well both: in the gym and in the bedroom.

  8. Ryan Martin says:

    I was carrying unshaped bulgy body until my friend recommended me Muscle Rev Xtreme which has given me a muscular body.

  9. Tony Brown says:

    My way to fitness wasn’t easy at all and the Muscle RevX supplement has helped me all the way. It helped me to get rid of the excess fat and resulted in the growth of strong muscles that I have today.

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