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SugarBear Hair :- Is your hair more on the thin side? Or, it has lost its fullness as you have become older. Either way, there’s only so much that backcombing or hair sprays can do. People are turning to hair supplements to give their roots a boost. To make it easy for you to choose one of the best, I have evaluated a product. It is currently being raved about in the market for its delicious taste and effective results and is known as SugarBear Hair. Read on to get hair that radiates good health.

What is SugarBear Hair?

You can now clear out commercial conditioners and styling products, and replace them with this all-natural supplement. SugarBear Hair is a dietary supplement that aids the growth of your hair. Made with the real berries for a sweet flavor, the formula is supported by promising research and positive real-world results.

  • Gluten and gelatin free
  • Formulated with essential hair-friendly vitamins like Folic Acid, zinc, vitamin A

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Let’s break down its ingredients list

  • Vitamin A (Palmitate): It has the ability to regulate certain aspects of the hair follicle which promote blood circulation. In turn, it helps to grow stronger and healthier hair.
  • Vitamin B5 (Pantothetic Acid): Your body needs vitamin B-5 to metabolize the carbohydrates, protein and fat and convert food into usable energy. Thereby, nourishing your hair follicles and other cells of your body. Without this vitamin, your hair follicles will not get the nutrients they need to function properly.
  • Coconut oil: It is rich in lauric acid, anti-microbial properties and medium-chain fatty acids which target fungus and kill viruses and bacteria that may be lurking on your scalp. Therefore, condition the scalp, strengthen hair and help to regrow hair.
  • Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid): Another known property of vitamin C is the ability to encourage hair regrowth and as an antioxidant. This is important in preventing free radicle damage to the cells of hair follicles.

Suggested use

Adults can take 2 gummy bears or as directed on the label. Chew thoroughly before swallowing to get all the nutrients needed to meet your hair goals.

Are there are any side effects linked with SugarBear Hair?

After using SugarBear Hair and reading reviews from other customers, I can say that there are no reported side effects due to the fact it contain all natural ingredients.

My take 

To aid in hair growth, I recently started using Sugar Bear Hair. I am so excited to share my experience with all of you. I’m sure you have gone through swallowing big yucky pills throughout the year. My hair is quite damaged from all the bleaching and coloring so I totally needed something like this to enter into my life. These vitamins taste really good and I haven’t missed a day of taking them yet. Another best thing about SugarBear Hair is that they are vegetarian, gluten-free, diary-free, soy-free, and cruelty-free. However, for those who are allergic to nuts, they contain tree nut oil. Since I started taking them 2 months ago, my hair has been growing about an inch every month which is double the normal rate. Now, my hair is stronger than ever. This formula has officially become holy grail for me.

Is it recommended? 

By all means, yes. SugarBear Hair are completely safe on the stomach. The vitamins found in this product will not affect your facial or body hair. To add to this, out of 10, almost 9 people are highly recommending this product to their friends.


  • It is important to limit the intake of its dose to a prescribed limit. SugarBear Hair also contains vitamin A as its ingredient and overdose of it can result in the loss of hair.
  • You can’t replace a bad diet with supplements. So, it’s better to use a combination. Focus on improving your diet and talk to your doctor or dermatologist about vitamins and supplements that may be right for you. 

SugarBear Hair ResultsAdditional considerations

Hair loss can be caused by vitamin deficiency or it’s could be some other reasons, including age, an autoimmune condition, heredity, improper care or anemia. Some of these hair loss causes are treatable while other are not. SugarBear Hair is a cruelty-free product and we recommend you to speak to your physician if you happen to experience itching or sensitivity.


  • They taste just like candy, so no more distasteful pills.
  • Gluten and gelatin-free gummy bear.
  • Clinically proven ingredients.


  • Might take more than one month to see results.
  • Not meant for under 18.
  • Limited to only online availability. 

From where can I purchase this? 

To make a purchase of SugarBear Hair, go to its official website and place an order now.

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